Events, Forums, and Trainings

The Evaluation Team provides workshops, trainings, and other direct support to educators across the state. To date we have reached more than 25,000 educators and will continue this work into 2014-15. Please contact us at if your district or organization has training needs related to evaluation.

School Improvement Panel (ScIP) Training

The Office of Evaluation thanks all educators who attended our regional ScIP training opportunities. These sessions focused on the effective use of data to inform decision-making and collaborative planning to integrate promising practices from around the state.

Educators may still access the following resources discussed during the sessions:

SGO 2.0: from Compliance to Quality

The Department would like to acknowledge and thank the educators and district teams that attended our two rounds of SGO 2.0 workshops.  We were able to reach approximately 2000 educators from 300 school districts in these sessions.  Even though our large regional sessions have concluded, our team continues to support SGO development in workshops for schools and districts throughout the state.  Educators may access general SGO resources here and the SGO 2.0 presentation and resource packet.  PowerPoint and Word versions of these documents can be found here. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding AchieveNJ materials and future workshops.

Improving Discussion, Questioning, and Student Engagement

The Office of Evaluation has concluded its summer series for this workshop and would like to thank the participants and our gracious hosts.  While this summer series has concluded, the Office will be providing targeted support in these areas.

As districts look to provide additional support and further investigate the components of Discussion, Questioning and Student Engagement, the office is providing the materials for district use.  (note: due to browser differences, users might need to copy and paste web links from the presentation into your browser address bar).

Slideshow (PDF): Presentation (PDF | PPT)
Materials: Presentation Materials