SGO Exemplars

2014-15 SGO Exemplars for Teachers

This is a non-exhaustive set of SGOs that should be used to help inform educators when developing SGOs tailored to their own teaching assignments.  The examples below align to the most current guidance from the Department regarding SGOs but do not necessarily include the wide range of goal-setting options that are open to educators  Please refer to the SGO guidebook for detailed information about developing different types of scoring plans and ways to group students by starting points.

  • Art 1, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • CTE - Architecture/engineering, Grades 9-12 (PDF)
  • ELA – Reading, Grade 11 (PDF)
  • ELA – Writing, Grades 9-10 (PDF)
  • ELL – Writing, Grade 5 (PDF)
  • Math – Algebra II, Grades 10-12 (PDF)
  • Math, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • Physics 1, Grade 9 (PDF)
  • Physics (Algebra-based), Grade 9 (PDF)
  • Spanish, Grade 7 (PDF)
  • Social Studies – US History, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • Social Studies – World History, Grade 8 (PDF)

Exemplars for Educational Service Professionals

SGOs are required for all teachers under AchieveNJ, but are currently only recommended by the Department for those who provide educational services such as school counselors, nurses, media specialists, CST members, and others.  The examples provided below may serve as a guide for educators whose districts are asking them to develop goals for their area of expertise.  The following examples were developed in consultation with practicing educators and some of the organizations that represent educational service professionals.  Further information about goal-setting for educational service professionals can be found in the SGO guidebook.

  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant - Parent Involvement, Grades K-5 (PDF)
  • Media Specialist - Research Strategies, Grade 9 (PDF)
  • School Counselor - Career Planning, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • School Nurse - Vision Screening Referrals, Grade 4 (PDF)
  • Speech-Language Specialist- Articulation/Speech Therapy, Grades K-4 (PDF)
  • Student Assistance Coordinator - Bullying Prevention Program, Grade 9 (PDF)