SGO Forms

The NJDOE has made these forms available for districts to use at their discretion. Their use is not required.
New/Revised Forms for 2014-15

  • 2014-15 SGO Form (PDF | Word)
    Intended to replace "simple" and "tiered" SGO forms to help teachers include rationale for selected standards, identify and record information for student starting points, record mid-year adjustments to SGOs, and reflect on process in annual conferences.
  • Assessment Blueprint and Completion Guide (PDF | Word)
    Intended to combine forms 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 below to help teachers plan, develop, and check high quality assessments.  Use in conjunction with information in SGO 2.0 presentation.
  • SGO Quality Rating Rubric (PDF | Word)
    Updated with more specific information on assessment quality, and using multiple measures of student starting points.

2013-14 Forms

  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 1.1 Pre-approval for School-based Assessments (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 1.2 Standards Alignment and Coverage Check (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 1.3 Assessment Rigor Analysis and Depth of Knowledge (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 1.4 Approval Checklist for School-based Assessments (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 1.5 Planning Guide for Choosing or Developing a Quality Assessment 
    (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 2.1 Identify and Approve Starting Points (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 3.1 Student Growth Objective Form (Simple) (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 3.2 Student Growth Objective Form (Tiered) (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 3.3 Student Growth Objective Form (Tiered, Weighted Average) 
    (PDF | Word)
  • AchieveNJ SGO Form 4.1 Mid-course Check In (PDF | Word)