Curriculum and Instruction

The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards were first adopted by the State Board of Education in 1996. The standards describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of a thirteen-year public education. Revised every five years, the standards provide local school districts with clear and specific benchmarks for student achievement in nine content areas. Developed by panels of teachers, administrators, parents, students, and representatives from higher education, business, and the community, the standards were influenced by national standards, research-based practice, and student need. The standards define a "Thorough and Efficient Education" as guaranteed in 1875 by the New Jersey Constitution.

The standards unit provides local school districts with technical assistance to ensure that all students receive appropriate standards-based education. Content coordinators provide telephone, electronic, and on-site technical assistance in areas related to curriculum development and alignment, policy development, student assessment, and research-based practices. For more information on those services, go to the content area pages.


Content Areas