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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

World Languages

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New Jersey World Languages Teacher Certification
 Oral Proficiency Interview Requirement

The ACTFL Testing Office, Language Testing International (LTI), is able to assist New Jersey Teacher Preparation Programs in arranging official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPIs) for New Jersey world languages teacher certification candidates. 

Official Testing Options available through the LTI, the ACTFL Testing Office

OPIs conducted as Institutional Upgrades, Official ACTFL OPIs and ACTFL Advanced Level Checks can be scheduled through the ACTFL Testing Office at LTI. A summary of each option and associated cost may be found in the chart below.

 Test Option


Cost per interview

OPI - Academic Institutional Upgrade

This is a full OPI conducted by a certified tester on staff at the university or college. A recording of the OPI is submitted to ACTFL with an ACTFL Institutional Upgrade Form and payment. ACTFL reviews and gives the final ACTFL OPI Rating.  The ACTFL OPI certificate is then issued.


Official ACTFL Advanced Level Check (AL Check)
(Administered telephonically)

This is a truncated version of  the Official OPI.  It establishes proficiency up to the Advanced Low level only.  The rating assigned is either Advanced/Qualified or Advanced/Not Qualified. An application is available on-line to request this option.  All AL Checks are scheduled through LTI.  The AL Check is conducted by telephone and proctored by a department staff person.


Official ACTFL OPI
(Administered  telephonically)

This is the full OPI. An application is available on-line to request this option. It is scheduled through LTI.  The OPI is conducted by telephone and proctored by a department staff person.


OPI – Academic Institutional Upgrade:  If the college or university has a currently certified ACTFL OPI Tester on staff, that instructor may conduct and record the OPIs and send the recordings with an ACTFL Academic Institutional Upgrade Request Form to LTI for processing.  LTI arranges for the tapes to be blindly second rated by other ACTFL certified testers for rating finalization.  The institutional OPI is then upgraded to Official ACTFL OPI status and an Official ACTFL OPI Rating is issued.

Official ACTFL OPI and Official ACTFL Advanced Level Checks:   A college or university can arrange with LTI to have students take a telephonic OPI at their university or the K-12 school where a student is student teaching.  To set up the best OPI procedure for the school, please contact Helen Hamlyn at LTI ( or 800-486-8444 ext. 4).  She will help you design a procedure that best meets the needs, logistical limitations and resources of your university or college.

A. Students at the University or College

A program is established with the World Languages or Teacher Education Department to administer telephonic OPIs to students at the university or college.  The set-up steps are:

  1. The university identifies the number of students by language that will need to be tested.
  2. The university identifies potential proctors at the university (program staff) who will be responsible for administering scheduled telephonic OPI by calling an ACTFL certified OPI tester at the pre-arranged test time and introducing the student.
    • The university determines the dates and times of day that a proctor and the test room would be available to administer OPIs.
  3. The university identifies the room(s) at the university or college in which the telephonic OPIs will be conducted.
  4. LTI customizes an OPI application form for that student at that university or college which clearly outlines the process being followed at the college or university.
  5. LTI creates an account for the university or school on the LTI Client Website on which the program administrator can check OPI schedules, ratings, etc.

B. Students Who Are Student Teaching

Students who may be student teaching and need to schedule a telephonic OPI are directed to go the LTI website and apply for a telephonic OPI for NJ World Language Teacher certification on-line:

The student will need to identify an administrator at the school to act as the proctor for the telephonic interview.  Administrative personnel who may act as proctors include:  School Superintendents, School District Human Resources personnel, Principals, and Deans.  LTI provides instructions for the proctor.

Another Option (Beginning Fall 2006)

New Jersey Regional World Languages Testing Centers

These centers will provide regional testing sites for students who desire face-to-face OPI interviews and will also serve as venues for the administration of telephonic interviews. Testing centers have been established at New Jersey City University, Rutgers University-New Brunswick Campus and at the Carnegie Library Center in Atlantic City (Richard Stockton College). Additional information on the centers will be posted at a later date.