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Exemplars Differentiates Tasks to Meet the Needs of All Students           

Math Forum @ Drexel

Portrait 4 Graphing & Calculating and Inside Math: Vocabulary & Concepts

Helpful Math resources relating to students with disabilities

Online Support Seminars examples of assessments in mathematics

Additional Math Resources can be found on the Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence (MATRIX) RESOURCES web page

Inclusion In Mathematics Education For Students With Disabilities: This Web site focuses on inclusion in mathematics education for students with disabilities. It includes teaching strategies as well as education plans and general information. The data were gathered by the West Virginia Department of Education.

Search results of various books available for purchase related to instructional strategies in mathematics for students with special needs.

Planning for Cooperative Learning in Math Inclusion Classrooms

The workshop presentations and materials from the U.S. Department of Education Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops were developed by various individuals and are being provided as illustrative examples of what might be useful to teachers. The Department is not requiring or encouraging the use of any particular methods or materials in the classroom, and the use of the methods and materials in these sessions does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education.