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Abbott School-Based Technology Plan (Asbtp)



(2002 – 2003)

Educational Technology is a required component of the WSR Implementation Plan. By completing the Abbott School-Based Technology Plan and checklist, each school will have met the technology plan requirement. The Abbott School-Based Technology Plan and checklist include all substantive information necessary to determine if there is a concerted effort toward infusing educational technology into the curriculum for school year 2002-2003, and to ensure school efforts are aligned with the district’s overall technology plan.

Complete the School-Based Technology Plan using the checklist and forms provided. Directions are below. If there are questions about the completion of this document, please contact your district technology director/coordinator or your Department of Education School Review and Improvement (SRI) team member.


Fill in the school name and district name. Indicate the name of the Whole School Reform model adopted by your school.

Fill in the grade level of the school, the number of teachers in the school for school year 2001-2002, the number of instructional computers in the school for school year 2001-2002, and the number of students in the school for school year 2001-2002.

Indicate the school web site address. If the school does not have a direct web site address, please indicate the school district’s web site address.

Note that a correlation must exist between the Abbott School-Based Technology Plan (ASBTP) and the District Technology Plan (DTP.) For each item on the checklist, enter the page numbers in the corresponding column where the information may be found in the District Technology Plan (DTP) and in the submitted Abbott School-Based Technology Plan (ASBTP).

The district technology director/coordinator will participate in the School-Based Technology Plan process by checking off YES or NO to indicate completion of the checklist sections.


Describe the process used to develop this 2002-2003 technology plan. Include the names and titles of those that participated in the process.


Each school must have goals and objectives related to using technology as part of classroom instruction. Many schools outlined their goals and objectives in the technology plans submitted to the NJ Department of Education in previous years.

Describe how the school’s current goals and objectives for technology incorporate the Whole School Reform model or the school’s approved alternative program design.

Describe how the school’s plan for the school year 2002-2003 will accomplish full implementation of utilizing technology in all content areas.

Describe the barriers that hinder the school from implementing the technology plan effectively in the school year 2002-2003.


This table is available electronically on the department’s web site under the Abbott School-Based Technology Plan Checklist at: Download the table and complete each section.

Fill in the school’s name and district name. Be sure to include the goal and objective in the designated space at the top of each page.

The activities, when linked to appropriate objectives, may include professional development, examples of infusing technology into the adopted WSR model and the curriculum, acquisition and maintenance of hardware, software and all related technology items such as wiring, network access and telecommunications.

Indicate the Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS) that relate to the strategy/activity. The department’s numbering system for the CCCS may be used. The CCCS are on the department’s web site at:

List the items (also called indicators) that the school will use to evaluate the completion of the activity. The indicators will be used to evaluate or determine the successful completion of the activity and can also be used as documentation, upon request.

Provide the budget detail proposed for 2002-2003 that is associated with implementing the activity. The budget detail must include the description of the item to be purchased, its unit cost, the total number of units to be purchased, and the total cost [e.g., (# of computers) x (per-unit cost) = total dollar amount.]

Provide the sum of the "total cost" columns from all pages as a cumulative total in the space provided.


Provide a compelling justification for each requested purchase as it relates to the activities noted on the WSR Implementation Activity Table. Compelling means that the explanation describes why a purchase is requested and how the school is prepared to implement the activity(ies). Documentation or evidence is also included to show the need for the item.

Evidence must be included in the justification. Include evidence (i.e., surveys) that supports the justification and indicates that the requested items are in compliance with the regulations. For new programs and services, adequate documentation may be provided to establish that the proposed program or service has worked successfully in other schools with similar characteristics.

The evidence may be in any form, as long as the following can be ascertained: a) resources are available to accomplish the activity(ies) in the plan, b) the requested item will specifically be used in the curriculum to address the Core Curriculum Content Standards, c) staff readiness and needs, d) capability of the school to implement the activity (licenses, ability to install by the beginning of the school year), and e) the activity is linked to whole school reform implementation and the model in particular.

Note: One justification may explain a purchase linked to one activity or several activities. Indicate the activity(ies) on the form by its corresponding number on the WSR Implementation Activity Table. Do not rewrite the activity(ies.)


For all schools that are required to complete the Required Programs for Secondary Schools (RPSS) plan, describe the community resources that are available to assist in infusing educational technology into the curriculum in the school year 2002-2003. Be sure to document the programs and services that the school fully utilizes in your community.


The Office of Educational Technology requested completion of educational technology surveys by each school in the spring of 2001. If a copy of the school survey is not available to be attached, complete the survey online, print it and attach a copy to the checklist/technology plan. The survey may be obtained from the NJDOE web site:


There is a need to ensure that all involved with the implementation of the school's technology plan are familiar with its contents. Therefore, the completed document is to be reviewed, signed and dated by the school-based technology coordinator, an SMT representative, the school principal, and the district’s technology director/coordinator. The district technology director/coordinator may include comments to assist the reviewer in better understanding the technology plan.

Provide the name of the person most familiar with the technology plan in the event that clarifications or revisions are needed. Include the name, title, direct telephone number and e-mail address. E-mail is the preferred method of communication to the contact person if questions arise.