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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Educational Technology

2000 New Jersey Public School Technology Survey


NOTE: One survey form should be filled-in for each school in the district.
A glossary is included.  Words in the glossary are indicated by *.
Administrative offices housed in a separate facility should incorporate their data into one of the district's school's survey.
Please answer every item.

Person completing this form:  Title: E-Mail:
School Phone:  School Fax: 
School Address:

# of Teachers:  # of Students:  Grade Span:

Principal:  Principal's E-Mail:  Media Specialist:  Media Specialist's
Technology Coordinator:  Technology Coordinator's E-Mail:  School Web Site: 

1. Estimate the percentage of teachers in your school at each skill level in the use of technology in instruction. (Beginner: Introduction to Operations, Intermediate: Uses Applications, Advanced: Curriculum Integration, Instructor: Teaches Applications)
%  Beginner
%  Intermediate
%  Advanced
Instructor Level

2. Does your school have a technology coordinator? Yes, full time   or part time ; No

3. Is there someone at your school whose responsibilities include providing leadership and support for teachers in integrating technology into the curriculum? Yes  No

4. If the school staff were to receive assistance for educational technology, check the top three areas of need from the choices that follow:
Funding Options
System Networking Wiring
Professional Development
Curriculum Integration
Information Systems
Grant Writing Skills

5. Does your school have a LAN (local area network)? Yes   No

6. Is your school connected to other buildings in your district through a WAN (wide area network)?

7. Does your school have distance learning capabilities? Yes   No
If yes, then what type of connection are you currently using: (Check each that is applicable to your site.)
Desktop video
Cable (ITV)
IDLS: [County-wide IntraLATA]

8. Do students participate in classes originating from remote sites? Yes  No 

9. Do students participate in interactive event-based activities?
If yes, to either or both questions 8 and 9, then check all choices below that are applicable.
Interactive TV*
Desktop Conferencing*
Compressed Video*
Cable Based System
Other (please specify)

If you do not have a satellite dish do you have access to the transmissions from one?
  No  Not Applicable

10. Check the top four areas of the Core Curriculum Content Standards that are supported by your school's distance learning activities:
Cross Content Workplace Readiness
Art (Visual and Performing)
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Language Arts Literacy
Social Studies
World Languages

11. Does your school have access to the Internet? Yes   No 
If this access is by direct link*, what is the bandwidth capacity? Check all applicable.
56 Kb
Fractional T-1
128 ISDN
Fractional T3
Cable Modem
Other (Please specify)

If Internet access is through a dial-up link* (telephone lines), how many dial-up lines are in this school?
# of dial up lines

12. Indicate the percentage of school-based connectivity for each group.

  Administrators Instructional Staff Students
Internet Access % % %
E-Mail % % %

13. Indicate the numbers requested for each location:

  Classroom/Instructional Library/Media Center Computer Labs Administrative Offices
Number of rooms assigned as:        
Number of rooms with Internet Connections:        

14. Does your school have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Internet use?
, No

15.  Does your school have Internet filtering/monitoring software currently  in use?
Yes , No

16. What percent of all students in your school use the World Wide Web on a regular basis as part of the curriculum? Check only one.
0-30% 31-80% over 80%

17. To what extent is technology, such as computers, used in the following Core Curriculum Content Areas?
(Rating 8= highest, 1= lowest) [use numbers only once]

A. Cross Content Workplace Readiness
B. Art (Visual and Performing)
C. Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
D. Language Arts Literacy
E. Mathematics
F. Science
G. Social Studies
H. World Languages

18.  Identify the number of computers by type that are in use in the following locations:

  All Computer Labs All Classroom Instructional
Library Media Centers Administrative
Not Multi-media Capable*          
Multi-media Capable*          

Of the computers listed above, how many are laptops?

19. If families and community members participate in the school educational technology program then check those applicable:
On campus adult access to school equipment
Off campus adult access to school equipment (i.e., libraries or community centers)
Website hosting for community organizations
Online parent resource section on the school's website

20. Describe or add any information that you feel is valuable for us to know: