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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Part Four: Let's Put it All Together

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Rubric for Lesson Plan


Approaches expectations

Meets expectations

Exceeds expectations

Content and Language objectives clearly defined and separated

Inadequate or not included

Objectives are present and are somewhat defined and separated

Objectives are clearly defined, and clearly separated, indicating extensive thought and preparation

Lesson plan format with step-by-step detail

Did not follow a lesson plan format; provided little or no detail

Sometimes followed a format; some detail provided

Followed a format and provided clear step-by-step detail

Supplementary Materials are employed [e.g. graphic organizers, manipulatives, etc.]

Not present, Inadequate or not relevant to the lesson

Employs one or two relevant materials to facilitate ELL content learning

Employs a variety of relevant materials to address the content and differentiate for ELLs

Learning Strategies taught and/or modeled for students

Few or no content relevant learning strategies incorporated, modeled or taught

Some relevant learning strategies incorporated, modeled and/or taught

Incorporates numerous and relevant learning strategies effectively modeled and/or taught

Modified Content Learning Materials and Teacher Language

Mainstream learning materials not modified or modified in a limited manner. No evidence of modification of teacher language

Some content materials are modified to assist ELLs and some evidence of modification of teacher language evident

Incorporates numerous modifications of content materials to differentiate for ELLs. Extensive evidence of modifications of teacher language to meet ELL linguistic needs

Assessment differentiates for the ELL and is linked to content and language objectives


Assessment does not differentiate and/or is not linked to objectives

Assessment differentiates somewhat and is linked to some of the objectives

Assessment addresses all or most objectives and clearly differentiates for the ELLs