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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Part One: The Students
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ELL Intake Procedures

Introduction to School: It is crucial that the ELL student's first day of school be as "trauma free" as possible. Therefore, either on registration day or another day before entering a classroom setting, the student should be given a tour of the school.

Before the first day of school:

  • Location of all school bathrooms within the vicinity of the classroom[s] in which the student will be taking classes
  • Nurse's office
  • Lunchroom and lunchroom procedures
  • Physical education: clothing requirements and procedures
  • Door[s] through which to enter and exit the school building each day
  • Location where parents/guardians should meet the child
  • Introduction to the teacher[s] and, if possible, the support staff who will have contact with the student

On the first day of school:

  • Assign a peer "buddy" to assist during the first week
  • Provide middle and high school students with a map of the school, with highlighted important locations