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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Part Three: Sample Teaching Models and Strategies

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Assignment Three
  • Reflect on the various content areas taught in your school setting. The content areas could be taught by
    • one classroom teacher in a self-contained setting (e.g. kindergarten, first grade), or
    • content-specific teachers.
  • What challenges, beyond a language barrier, an obvious challenge, do ELLs face in your school setting? On the Assignment Three chart, list at least one linguistic challenge and one content area challenge that an ELL might face. Examples of challenges are:
    • Linguistic challenges (vocabulary, sentence structures, verb tenses and clauses used, compound and complex sentence structures, etc.),
    • Lack of or different background knowledge,
    • Lack of embedded context clues [see Cummins, Student Support Schema]
  • Discuss your responses with a colleague or group. Be specific in descriptions of your own lessons, examples, and of the ways in which you will implement change.
  • Give others feedback on their challenge list. [Make sure you include all areas of the discussion rubric!]
    • Include suggestions to overcome challenges in at least two content areas.
    • Discuss possible paths for facilitating change.