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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Part Three: Sample Teaching Models and Strategies

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Textbook Adaptations

Adapting textbook content information at a level that an ELL student can comprehend and master is often necessary.  Below are some suggestions for adapting content information and developing supplementary materials.

  • Highlighting main ideas and key concepts [using an erasable highlighter or reproduced text selections].
  • Cut and paste reproduced information from text, arranging the information in a logical sequential format.
  • Create visual representations of texts, such as charts or graphs, maps or illustrations, models. [See sample, Voyage of the Mimi (PDF)]
  • Chunking, chaining, or clustering of information into logical groups by common categories or relationships.
  • Developing advanced organizers to prepare students to read and/or for review of information before assessment, such as outlines, study guides, “while you read” questions, and diagrams which present overviews of new material to be studied. [See sample, American Revolution (PDF)]