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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Part Two: The Theory of Second Language Acquisition

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Assignment Two

Implementing and integrating effective interactive teaching strategies, as you have read, are necessary to facilitate language development of the English Language Learners in your classroom. Reflect on your own teaching style and techniques.

  • First, review each of the five CREDE Standards of Effective Pedagogy.
  • After reviewing each standard, examine the rubric for the CREDE Standards for Effective Teaching, the Rubric for Effective Pedagogy
  • Next, individually rate yourself (see the Rubric for Effective Pedagogy) according to the rubric by completing the Assignment Two chart.
    • Describe how your teaching techniques and instructional style fit the SPC indicator for each of the standards.
    • Reflect on ways that you feel can improve your approach and move across the SPC indicator scale toward the ideal "integrating" level.
  • Discuss your responses with a colleague or group. Be specific in descriptions of your own lessons, examples, and of the ways in which you will implement change.
  • Give others feedback on their self-evaluation. [Make sure you include all areas of the discussion rubric!]
    • Include suggestions for effective classroom instructional strategies.
    • Discuss possible paths for improvement.