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A Guide to Spending Title III Funds

If your school district has an ESL or Bilingual program, there is a good chance your district receives Title III funds for these students.  There are certain allowable costs that can be funded by Title III.  In addition, this money cannot be spent on anything that is mandated by the New Jersey Bilingual Education Code, or for which a district has already used local funds.  For example, if a particular activity last year was paid with nonfederal funds, the same activity this year cannot be paid with federal funds.

Below is a list of allowable Title III costs.

  • Develop and implement new language instruction programs and academic content instructional programs for limited English proficient students in early childhood, elementary, and secondary programs;
  • Expand or enhance existing language instruction programs by identifying, acquiring, and upgrading curricula, instructional materials, educational software, and assessment procedures;
  • Implement schoolwide programs within individual schools to restructure, reform, and upgrade all programs, activities, and operations related to language instructional programs and academic content instructional programs for limited English proficient students; and
  • Provide the following:
    • Tutorial and academic or vocational education for LEP children and intensified instruction;
    • Community participation programs, family literacy services, and parent outreach and training activities to LEP children and their families; and
    • Improved instruction of LEP children by providing for the acquisition or development of educational technology or instructional materials and access to, or participation in, electronic networks for materials, training, and communication.

See the Office of Grants Management website for more information including a reference manual.