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Technology Toolbox

Below is a list of tools that are included in the Classroom Application Documents and/or Unit/Lesson Plan exemplars. Click on a heading to read about the features of a tool, to learn about how to use it or to see examples of how the tool might be used to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Blogs Wikis/Nings Multimedia Conferencing Podcasting Global Collaborative
  • Audacity*
  • Garage Band*
Copyright Free Images
& Sounds
Image Hosting Sites Video Hosting Sites Social Bookmarking Productive Apps

*Audacity is free software that can be downloaded and Garage Band is available on Macs.

Blogs Provide an online place for people to post their ideas and for others to comment on what has been said. Some blogs include images and videos.
Wikis Allow multiple users to post and modify information in a collaborative manner. Some wiki sites offer a special education portal that allows students to have their own usernames and passwords. Wikis can be private, open by invitation only or public. Wikis enable students to collaborate with other classes within a school/district, state or country. Multiple files types (documents, images, videos, podcasts, etc.) can be uploaded to a wiki.
Nings Provide an online learning community space that can be private or public. Nings can include space for forums, blogs and a place to upload photos or videos, etc.
VoiceThread Allows individuals or multiple users to post a slide show that holds images, documents and videos. Other people can view the slideshow and leave comments in 5 ways.
SlideShare Allows users to share presentations, documents and PDFs. Students and teachers can use it to post projects, assignments and resources as well as comments.
Animoto Provides an array of tools for creating videos in the classroom. Animoto automatically analyzes music (royalty free music available on site), photos and video clips and orchestrates a custom video. Text can be also be added.
Glogster Allows users to create online multimedia "posters" that can incorporate all types of files: links, images, text, videos, music and more. EDU glogs are automatically "private"; however they can be made public allowing others to comment on them.
ScrapBlog Allows users to create a digital scrapbook (private or public) incorporating text, images and video.
Blabberize Allows users to upload a photo, add narration and animate the mouth so it looks as though the image is talking.
Skype Allows users to make free talk and video calls to anyone that has Skype (chat with classrooms and experts) worldwide. Free software must be downloaded.
Podcasting Allows students and teachers to publish and download audio files for classroom and personal use. Podcasts that are published to websites with RSS feeds alert the user when new content is published.
Thinkquest Allows students and teachers to create their own websites in a password protected, online learning environment. Access to global audiences and projects is available in this global community. Interactive tools enable users to create webpages that are professional looking and functional. Users can create pages with text, "votes" , debates, message boards as well as upload a variety of different file types, including photos, documents, presentations, and audio and video files. Thinkquest is designed for users in grades K-12.
Epals Promotes global understanding by connecting students and teachers online in a safe , educational environment. Students can participate in collaborative, cross-curricular projects or share their ideas about relevant issues via an online forum. Teachers can search for and partner with classes worldwide.
Global SchoolNet Allows users to search a clearinghouse of global, collaborative projects for students of all grades.
Global Education Collaborative Provides a place where educators that share similar interests can form groups, have their students collaborate on global projects worldwide, as well as participate in discussions. A variety of resources are posted on this ning.
Copyright Free Images & Sounds Provides access to sites that have a collection of images and sounds that students can use in their school presentations. Students would benefit from reading the licensing/permissions information in order to fully understand how they may or may not legally use the resources.
Image Hosting Sites Provide a place to organize, store, display and share images collections. Educators can create an image bank for students to use for projects by posting appropriate images to this type of site.
Video Hosting Sites Provide a place to post videos created by teachers or students. Educators should review their district policy and the site policy before posting videos.
  • Creating a YouTube channel will enable districts, schools or educators to keep videos in one place.
  • TeacherTube is designed for teachers and students to upload instructional videos and provide feedback to others.
  • SchoolTube's mission is to provide educators and students a safe video sharing environment to enhance their classrooms and their learning experiences. Through an innovative Chain of Accountability process, videos are student produced and moderator approved, thus producing videos appropriate for school use.
Social Bookmarking Allows user to create web-based bookmarks to share with friends, colleagues, and the world.
GoogleSites Allows users to create a website to post student work, assignments, links and upload files. Templates are available to develop web pages, post announcements, create a file cabinet, dashboard and lists.
Google Docs Allows users to use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software to create, store and collaborate online in real time. New documents can be created from scratch or uploaded from existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. No software needs to be downloaded and all work is stored safely online and can be accessed from any computer.
Google Forms (survey) Allows users to create online polls and surveys for use with students or administrative tasks. A wide variety of question types can be used and results in chart form can be viewed instantly.
MyWebspiration Allows users to create graphic organizers from scratch or work with templates in all content areas. Students and teachers can create their own webs or collaborate online.