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Pace Charter School of Hamilton

The Pace Charter SchoolFirmly committed to remaining a high quality school with small classes, Pace Charter School of Hamilton has kept each of its kindergarten through third grade classes to just 15 students.  This enables each faculty member to truly be able to deliver personalized attention each student deserves. A warm and caring atmosphere with a strong sense of community, Pace provides the children of Hamilton Township with an innovative educational opportunity. Over the next two years, they will expand their school to offer fourth and fifth grade, but maintain their small student centered classroom approach.

A pillar of Pace's philosophy is that the lessons being taught in their classrooms must be relevant to the child's life experiences. Through this real-life application, students develop a genuine love for learning that is instilled and used throughout their lifetime. Kindergarteners gain hands-on experience through activities and numerous field trips.   Third graders are able to take the lessons they've learned while at Pace and dive deep into science projects blended with literary lessons.

Pace believes that school is not only a place to learn academics, but also a place to learn about being a good person. Pace recognizes that parents are the first and most enduring moral teachers, and works closely with parents through Pace's Character Development Program. Through this program, Pace seeks to instill in its students the virtues of respect, responsibility, honest, kindness and perseverance.