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Princeton Charter School

Princeton Charter SchoolPrinceton Charter School is designed to make children explore and wonder about the world. Starting with French and science classes in kindergarten, Princeton introduces its students to a world beyond their classroom early in order to encourage their curiosity.

If it's one word the faculty at Princeton hopes to achieve, it's "inspire." Through supporting and challenging each individual student, teachers motivate students to strive to a high academic standard. Students advance through a rigorous academic model which helps them develop the ability to tackle and master a wide range of academic disciplines. Princeton believes that by achieving their fullest potential, students build true confidence and become strong stewards of the community.

Through Princeton's stimulating approach to learning, the school has been honored by a vast list of awards. These include being named a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School, the National Charter School of the Year by the Center for Education Reform, as well as the first charter school in the nation to receive accreditation from the American Academy for Liberal Education. Princeton serves 344 students K-8 in Princeton, NJ.