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Notice to parents:

  • The student application deadline for 2015-2016 choice enrollment was  Dec. 1, 2014. Late applicants may be added to the district's waitlist (after those who applied on time) and may be accepted if seats become available, provided that the district does not exceed its approved enrollment maximum.
  • Districts should be contacted directly to learn about their choice programs, seat availability, and late applicant policy. To find a listing of Choice districts for enrollment in 2015-2016, please visit our website map.

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Interdistrict Public School Choice Program

New Jersey's Interdistrict Public School Choice Program enables approved choice districts to enroll K-12th grade students who do not reside within their districts without cost to their parents.  The program increases educational opportunities for students and their families by providing students with school options outside of their district of residence and giving parents the power to select a school program that best serves their child's individual needs.

District participation in the program is optional.   Once approved, the choice district designates the available seats in specific grades and programs that are open to choice students.  Where choice options are available, any student who resides in New Jersey is eligible to apply.

 There are currently 132 participating Choice Districts for the 2015-16 school year.

Benefits of the Program

The Public School Choice Program benefits students and parents, as well as the choice districts.  Choice programs might have smaller class sizes, increased instructional time, and a school culture more conducive to a student's success in school. Many choice districts have established specialized and innovative programs and courses that focus on areas such as art, music, foreign languages, and technology, and are open to students who demonstrate an interest in the special programs.  Opening enrollment to students outside the district can bring in more students interested in taking advantage of these special programs and courses, allowing both the programs and students to grow and flourish.

The state also has many small districts and schools that sometimes experience population shifts that result in budget crunches. Opening enrollment beyond the district's boundaries can alleviate the effects of these shifts and bring greater stability to operations, since choice students bring additional funding to the district.    The addition of students with different backgrounds and perspectives from those of the district's resident students also can enrich the school community.

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