Curriculum & Assessment

High/Scope Preschool Curriculum

The High/Scope Curriculum, utilized in thousands of programs worldwide, is based on the work of constructivists, such as Jean Piaget, High/Scope’s founder David Weikart and others.  The basic premise of the High/Scope Curriculum is that children learn best by doing.  “Control” is shared between adults and children so that children’s creativity is encouraged, and thus their curiosity is piqued as they explore their individual interests.   The teacher’s role is that of a facilitator who observes and interacts with children and, with the High/Scope Content (Key Experiences), provides high-quality experiences that keep children engaged and promote their learning.  The High/Scope Key Experiences align favorably with the state of New Jersey’s education standards for young children (High/Scope Foundation, 2005).

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