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Coordinated Information Systems Development and Use, including Needs Assessment
  • Map data sets, develop framework and implement information system
  • Implement unique child ID and link to data on learning at key developmental points
  • Implement coordinated data system to assess needs of infants, young children and their families
  • Map regulations across agencies

Targeted Outreach/Communications

  • Evaluate and improve outreach through partnerships
  • Target outreach to underserved populations
  • Expand Council subcommittee participation
  • Ensure family involvement and input
  • Design and implement public education campaign

B-8 Early Learning and Development Standards and B-8 Program Standards

  • Develop infant/toddler early learning and development standards, align with preschool through grade three
  • Adopt kindergarten program standards and align with preschool program standards
  • Cross-walk existing program standards

Workforce Development

  • Map current professional development opportunities and expand the Workforce Registry
  • Review and improve articulation between New Jersey institutions of higher education
  • Review and improve the content and delivery of programs of higher education and
    professional development programs
  • Expand requirements and learning opportunities for early childhood leaders in public and private settings

Comprehensive B-8 Program Improvement System

  • Plan for a continuous quality improvement system, and adopt a QRIS
  • Map and assess program quality in a sample of infant/toddler programs
  • Employ unique child IDs to track impact of program quality

Infancy and Early Childhood Mental Health

  • To improve the current system of infant and early childhood mental health service delivery and consultation
  • To promote adoption and integration of the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) Pyramid Model
  • To create opportunities for sharing best practices and reflections about what is needed to effectively support New Jersey's infants' and young children's social and emotional needs-whether it be one child, a group of children in family care, an entire classroom, or the professionals working with young children across multi-interdisciplinary fields and initiatives

Council Support and Public Accountability