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Criminal History Review

Chief School Administrator Letters
(Criminal History practices and procedures)

    1. FBI Fee Reduction
    2. Board Members Two Week Extension
    3. Board Member and Trustee Termination Notice
    4. Board Member and Trustee Fingerprinting Directions - 2nd Notice
    5. Board Member and Trustee Fingerprinting Directions
    6. Board Member and Trustee Criminal History Record Check
    7. New Format for Approval Letters
    8. Mandatory Online Transfer Procedures for Bus Drivers and Substitutes
    9. Mandatory Online Fee Payment
    10. Source4Teachers Procedures
    11. Processing Nonpublic Volunteers
    12. Fingerprinting Vendor Name Change and Fingerprinting Student Teachers
    13. ePayments Online Filing
    14. New MorphoTrak Universal Form
    15. New and Updated Procedures
    16. Online Access to Approval Dates & PCNs
    17. Processing Volunteers and Bus Driver & Substitute Transfer Procedures
    18. Contracted Service Providers Functioning in Multiple Districts
    19. Board Member/Trustee 30 Day Time Period for Fingerprinting
    20. Policy Change – Remove Need for Board Resolution on Emergent Hire
    21. Memorandum of Understanding with Source4 Solutions, LLC and its Subsidiaries
    22. MorphoTrust Name Change, New Fee Processing Vendor NICUSA, Revised MorphoTrust Universal Form and Fee Reduction
    23. IdentoGo MorphoTrust Form and Instructions
    24. School Bus Driver Certification Roster Form
    25. Memorandum of Understanding with Clinics and Agencies; Colleges and/or Universities
    26. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fee Reduction
    27. New Process for Computer Generated Weekly Listing of Approved Individuals
    28. Memorandum of Understanding with School Bus Contractors