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Certification & Induction

Certifications and titles

Although a title authorizes the holder to teach in the area of their title, the individual must also meet the highly qualified requirements required by the federal government.  For further information on meeting the highly qualified requirements please go to

There are three types of certificates: instructional, educational services, and administrative. Instructional certificates allow the holder to be a classroom teacher. Education services certificates allow the holder to provide educational support such as counseling, speech language pathology and school nursing services. Administrative certificates allow the holder to provide supervisory and managerial services in the school district such as those provided by the building principal or school administrator. 

Under each type of certificate, there are titles. The title identifies the specific type of service that the holder is allowed to provide. A candidate who holds an instructional certificate with an title to teach mathematics is allowed to teach mathematics alone. If the candidate also holds an instructional certificate with an title to teach biological science, the candidate is allowed to teach both mathematics and biological science.

The following lists include all the titles currently issued in New Jersey. In order to locate the information you are interested in, select the list from the choices below that best meets your need. If you are unsure of the title that you are seeking but you know that it is an instructional certificate, you would be best served to review the list of titles in alphabetical order by type of certificate. If you know the name of the title, please review the list of titles in alphabetical order. 

A few of the titles listed are accompanied by links to more detailed information on their specific requirements.  While the Office of Certification and Induction is endeavoring to create these detailed links for each of the hundreds of titles listed, it is strongly advised that all applicants become thoroughly familiar with the information provided in the New Jersey Licensing Code, which outlines the specific requirements for each certification and title.