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Educator Recognition

Governor's Educator of the Year Program

2015-16 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year

Chelsea CollinsChelsea Collins became a teacher to invigorate the lives of the students around her, but it is the students who have invigorated and shaped Chelsea's life. She works at Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District, where she teaches sixth-grade Language Arts at Woodstown Middle School and serves in various leadership roles within the school community.

Chelsea has enhanced the reading program at her school and her influences have been recognized worldwide, as well as at the state, county, and district levels. Chelsea is passionate about building lifelong readers and guiding students in acquiring an intrinsic love for reading. Her work has been featured on NJTV's Classroom Close-Up, as well as on the blog written by author and education consultant Steve Barkley. She has shared her ideas with educators across the state at engagements such as the NJPSA Conference and the RAC7 Literacy Workshop. She has also been influential at the district level by advocating for increased time and funding dedicated toward the school's independent reading program. Chelsea's efforts have been instrumental in changing the culture of reading throughout the school, state, and beyond.