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Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching


2009 Science Awardee
Donald Clark

14668_portrait_thumbnail[1].jpgW. Donald Clark has been teaching science at Long Branch High School for 22 years and has taught a variety of courses, including Biology, Physical Science, and Earth Science. He is currently teaching Honors Biology and Advanced Placement Biology.

Show-and-tell has always been Donald's favorite subject, and he uses his own collections and projects to create interest in his students. These include his fifth grade science project showing tree rings and a giant slab of mica he carried down a mountain.

Donald has presented at the New Jersey Science Teacher Convention, where he has given presentations such as “In Search of the Daily Demo” and “Power Point and Beyond.”

Often Donald will bring his side vocations as a professional clown and carpenter into the classroom, as evidenced by the occasional science-oriented magic trick or having students calculate his speed on a unicycle. His carpentry skills include creating a bed of nails and a cell respiration game using wooden magnet parts formed in his wood shop.

Donald has a B.S. in Animal Science and a master's degree in Nutrition/Biochemistry from Cook College at Rutgers University. His master's thesis was published in the Journal of Dairy Science. He was recognized as Teacher of the Year by his high school academy in 2009.