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2011-2012 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year

Jeanne DelCollePassionate, creative, and dedicated are all words that have been used to describe the 2011-12 NJ Teacher of the Year, Jeanne DelColle, a veteran teacher, coach, advisor and mentor of 16 years.

Jeanne DelColle teaches United States and world history at the Burlington County Institute of Technology, Westampton Campus, where she has been since 2003, but history is only one doorway through which she leads her students into an awareness of the world.  She is a believer in bringing together several subjects and finding how they connect to each other and the lives of her students.  Going beyond the textbook, in Jeanne’s classes a historical concept is explored through the art, literature, philosophy, science and religion which formed the basis of a people’s culture in a given era.

An inveterate global traveler, she brings the rest of the world into the classroom by sharing her experiences and giving cultures a voice.  Referred to as the “real-life female Indiana Jones” by her students, Jeanne draws on her travels on five continents where she studied in England, worked on a Bahamian Reef survey in San Salvador, served as a supervisor of an archaeological dig in Jordan, attended the Dar al Islam Teachers Institute in New Mexico, mapped Native American sites in Utah, did environmental preservation work in Mongolia, trudged through jungles in Belize and climbed not only the Great Wall of China but also the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico.

Jeanne DelColle’s dedication and creativity has earned her recognition from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities as the 2010 Teacher of the Year. She has also been named as one of the 2011 Outstanding Woman of Burlington County, and was honored locally for Environmental Leadership as a part of the National Women’s History Project.  DelColle has also been a guest lecturer at a National Endowment for the Humanities Teacher Institute on the topic Daily Life in the Ancient Middle East where she taught teachers from around the country, and is on the Educational Outreach Committee for the American Schools of Oriental Research. Locally, she has led a cohort of ten teachers through the first phase of National Board certification, and is working closely with the Burlington County Historical Society on a project transcribing letters from a local Civil War soldier to his sister.  She is a part of the Ulysses S. Grant Fellowship through the Teaching American History Grant, and has recently been featured on an episode of Classroom Close-up using archaeological methods and artifacts with her students, and been a guest on Caucus: New Jersey A+ for Excellence series.

Believing that the day you stop learning is the day you die, DelColle earned an Master’s in Liberal Studies from Rutgers University-Camden in 2009, with a distinction on her thesis, which focused on the links between archaeology, ethics and education.  She also received a Postgraduate Diploma in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, and two Bachelor’s degrees from Richard Stockton College during which time she spent a year at Cambridge University in England studying history.    Jeanne DelColle’s travel and education over the last five years has led to over fourteen hundred professional development hours.