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School Finance

Census School District Review Program


The School District Review Program (SDRP) is a National Center for Education Statistics sponsored program conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau every two years. It is of vital importance for the State's allocation under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, P.L. 107-110.  The updated school district boundary information submitted through this program, along with Census population and income data are used in forming the Census Bureau's estimates of the number of children aged 5 through 17 in low-income families for each school district. These estimates are the basis of the Title I allocation for each school district in the State.  The information on this site reflects the school district names, Federal Local Education Agency (LEA) identification numbers and boundaries updated during the 2013-14 SDRP, as well as the updated boundaries prepared by the NJ Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJ OGIS).  

Purpose of the School District Review Program

The purpose of the 2015-16 SDRP is for officials to review the school district information prepared by NJ OGIS, so the Department can update the existing Census school district boundary data with the new data prepared by NJ OGIS.  

What do I need to do?

Review your school district boundaries using the mapping tool prepared by the NJ Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJ OGIS). If you have questions or need to report a change, please send an email to All changes must be reported to the NJ Department of Education by Friday, October 16, 2015 so that we may meet the U.S. Census Bureau deadline for accepting changes. Unless we hear from your district, we will update the existing Census boundary data using the new boundaries prepared by NJ OGIS.

Directions for using the mapping tool

Follow the link to the NJ OGIS map:  NJ OGIS Mapping Tool

Once the map loads (it may take a while), the screen should look like the first picture below.  In order to select your district type, you will click on the Content icon (highlighted in red).  The left column will then display the district types by data source – TIGER2014 (Census) or NJ OGIS.

The second picture below shows the district types displayed in the left column.  Using the check boxes, select the Census and NJ OGIS boundaries for your district type based on your district's financial responsibility (not the grade span of students who are educated in your district).  For example, a district that does not operate any schools, but sends all K-12 students to another district via tuition would be considered a "unified district." Once you have selected your district type, zoom in to compare the former Census boundary lines from TIGER with the proposed lines from NJ OGIS.  If you have any concerns about the changes, please notify the Department by October 16 by sending an email to:  If you agree with the changes, no action is necessary.

Home screen for NJ OGIS Mapping Tool:


List of District Types  by Data Source: