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Frequently Asked Questions: Discretionary Grant Applications

What is a discretionary grant?

A discretionary grant is a grant made in support of an individual project in accordance with legislation that permits the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) to exercise judgment in selecting the project, the grantees, and the amount of the award. Applicants may or may not compete for these funds.

How do I find out about the Department's discretionary grant programs?

The department maintains a web site that provides information about grant opportunities. See (

How do I learn if I am eligible to receive a discretionary grant?

To solicit applications, the department releases) a Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO), (available at the web site noted above). Eligibility guidance can be found in Section 1.2, Eligibility to Apply.

How do I apply for funding from a Department discretionary grant program?

To apply for a grant, you must prepare and submit a complete application. Your application will be a response to the guidelines presented in the Notice of Grant Opportunity. Your application package must also be constructed in accordance with the guidance, instructions, and forms found only in the Discretionary Grant Application (DGA). You must use the DGA in combination with this NGO to prepare a complete application.

What is an application package?

The required application forms are listed in Section 3 of the Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO). Failure to include a required form may result in your application being removed from consideration for funding. Use the checklist in the NGO to ensure that all required forms are included in your application.

(Note: The Application Title Page and all special forms are attached to the NGO. All other forms are part of the Discretionary Grant Application and can be downloaded from the Internet at

How do I get an application package?

The department makes the Discretionary Grant Application and the published Notice of Grant Opportunities available in Word format on the Internet. (see above)

What do I do if I can’t download the DGA?

Paper copies of the documents are available by calling the Office of Grants Management and Development, Application Control Center at 609-633-6974.

What do I do if I can’t download the NGO?

Paper copies of the NGO are distributed to eligible applicants by the sponsoring program office. The Internet copy of the NGO provides the name and phone number of the sponsoring program office in section 1.5, Technical Assistance.

How do I get help filling out application forms?

Section 1.5 of the Notice of Grant Opportunity describes scheduled available technical assistance for developing an application. Generally speaking, no additional technical assistance can be provided.

In addition, the Discretionary Grant Application contains instructions and guidance for completing a grant application.

What happens if I miss an application deadline?

All applications received after the due date and time published in the Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) are returned to the applicant without being considered for funding.

What if I find an error or realize I have omitted something in my application after the deadline?

No additional information can be submitted after the due date and time published in the NGO.

What happens to my application after the Department receives it?

Applications are screened to ensure that all eligibility criteria published in the NGO have been met. All eligible applications are then forwarded to a reader panel for review.

What happens if my application is not eligible?

For any application determined to be ineligible, the Superintendent/CEO of the applicant agency will be notified in writing by the Department. The notification will detail the reason/s for the determination and in the applicant will be provided an opportunity to appeal.

How does the Department review my application?

The DGA provides information about the review and/or evaluation of discretionary grant applications. Generally, applications are evaluated based on the Selection Criteria found in Part I: General Information and Guidance, of the Discretionary Grant Application (DGA), and the point values found in Section 3: Completing the Application of the Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO).

How long does it take the Department to decide on my application?

All agencies submitting applications are notified of the status of their applications within 45 days of submitting the application.

What happens to my application after the application review process?

The Department maintains a copy of all applications submitted. After the completion of the evaluation process, successful applications are transmitted to the appropriate Program Office for pre-award review and revisions with the applicant.

How does the Department decide who gets funded?

The Department uses the results of the reader evaluations and any set-asides published in the NGO to identify agencies that will be offered a grant agreement.

How do I learn that my application will be funded?

After the completion of the evaluation process successful applicants are notified of their eligibility for award consideration. This notification may be followed with a round of pre-award revisions or clarification with the appropriate Program Office. After the completion of the pre-award revision process, applicants will then be notified with a commitment of funding (Grant Agreement).

Can I get information about my application’s evaluation?

Any applicant may request a summary of the scoring of their application. Such requests must be on district/agency letter head and must be signed by the Chief School Administrator/Chief Executive Officer

How do I get more information about entitlement grant programs?

For information on entitlement and discretionary grant programs visit the department web site at