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The Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) is a program-specific document containing three sections that detail (1) the state’s purpose, goal(s), assessment, eligibility and general guidelines in offering the grant program, (2) the eligible agency’s guidelines for constructing a project consistent with the state’s purpose and goals, and (3) general application guidance that links the applicant to the Discretionary Grant Application (DGA) available on the Department website.

Section One - Grant Program Information, presents the state’s overall goal(s) for the grant program, its purpose, anticipated outcomes, and assessment. It also describes the eligibility requirements, award parameters as well as dissemination and submission information.

Section Two - Project Guidelines, gives guidance about the design of a local agency’s project. It contains considerations and suggestions an applicant may want to include in creating their local project and budget. This section also describes the specific project and budget requirements that must be included in a grant application. This section of the NGO is intended to help the applicant see how their particular project would be constructed to contribute to the accomplishment of the state’s goal(s) presented in Section One.

Section Three - Completing The Application, outlines the general application instructions, application evaluation, and the Application Component Checklist. Applicants should use the Checklist to ensure they complete all the application components and forms that are required for a particular grant program. This includes special project-specific forms included in the NGO but not the DGA.

After reading the NGO you should have an understanding of the state’s vision of the grant program and how your local project would correspond to that vision. Use the specific program guidelines outlined in the NGO in conjunction with the general guidance and general instructions found in the DGA to prepare your application.


The DGA contains information applicable to all discretionary grant programs, provides advice to facilitate the preparation of a well-considered, complete application, and includes directions for completing the standard application forms.

Regardless of the level of specificity and the program specific content in the NGO, the DGA’s general guidance for constructing the program narrative and instructions for completing the program and budget forms are applicable to all grant programs.

Part I – General Information and Guidance, contains information about eligibility, technical assistance, the award process and selection criteria to be used to evaluated your application. Also included is information about project director assignment, subgrants and lead agency responsibilities.

Part II – Constructing the Grant Application Narrative, is written to provide guidance to prepare the project narrative section of a successful application. Each application narrative from is discussed and helpful dos and don’ts are included.

Part III – Constructing the Grant Application Budget, like Part II, this part focuses on the completion of the standard budget detail and summary forms. Directions and examples help with the accurate and complete preparation of the grant budget. As a reference, this part includes a list of Common Requested Costs to assist in the identification of the correct code and form to use.

Part IV – Standard Application Forms, contains all the standard program and budget forms required to submit a discretionary application. Please note that the NGO contains the Application Title Page and may contain additional required forms. Not all standard forms may be required. Check the Application Checklist in Section 3 of the NGO to ensure you include all the required forms.