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- Identifying Discretionary Grant Payments

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- Department of Education Grant Agreement (PDF )
- Attachments A & B - Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions

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- Directions (PDF )
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- Directions (PDF )
- Forms (Microsoft Word)

    arrow Grant Recipient's Manual for Discretionary Grants
    The Grant Recipient’s Manual for Discretionary Grants (formerly called the Contractor’s Manual for Discretionary Grants) is intended to provide information and general guidance to project directors of awarded agencies in the administration of discretionary grant projects under grant agreements issued by the DOE. Nothing presented in this manual is intended to supersede, or be construed as superseding, applicable state or federal legislation, regulations, or any other requirements that govern the use of discretionary grant funds. Therefore, the project director is advised to reference specific regulatory documentation when researching specific questions.

    arrow Presentation to Grantees (Power Point)
    Recipients of discretionary grants are responsible for the day-to-day management of their agency's funded grant project. This slide show was used in a series of workshops presented to staff in grant recipient agency to provide useful information about the administration of their discretionary grant project. Included is information about spending funds, program and fiscal reporting, grant modifications, equipment, subgrants, monitoring and budget flexibility.

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