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" Do Something Kindness and Justice Challenge."

Who: Learn and Serve Program America, Plainfield School Based Youth Services.
What: The challenge inspires students to perform acts of kindness and justice.
When: January 16, 17, 2001.
Where: Plainfield- Plainfield High School.
: All Day.
Contact: Leroy Canady 908-731-4360 Ext. 5242

"Martin Luther King Week"

Who: Learn and Serve America, Essex County Educational Service Commission.
What: Will be holding a week long MLK Celebration. Students will write essays about Dr. King. They will also be volunteering for at least one hour during the week at either YMCA, church, Red Cross etc.
When: January 15 -19, 2001.
Where: Orange Valley School and Clifton Essex High.
: All day.
Contact: John Rotunda 973-239-2240 Ext. 230

"Martin Luther King"

Who: Learn and Serve Program America, Cumberland County Tech. Ed. Center.
What: Students will learn about diversity in schools and the work place, by participating in a cosmetology clinic for disabled residents at Cumberland Manor. Students will also participate in a Habitat for humanity project.
When: Week of January 15, 2001.
Where: Cumberland County Tech. Ed. Center.
: All Day.
Contact: Bob Riccio 856-451-9000.

"March On Washington Street"

Who: Learn and Serve Program America , Hoboken District and Hoboken Charter School.
What: Over a thousand students will march on Washington Street and end at City Hall. There will be key note speakers, music and marching bands.
When: Friday, January 12, 2001.
Where: Washington Street. Hoboken.
: 9:00 AM-4:00PM
Contact: Joseph Miele 201-420-3808 and Jill Singleton 201-963-0222 Ext. 223


"Martin Luther King Week 2001"

Who: Learn and Serve Program America Hoboken Charter School
What: Service Fair where students, organizations and community members will get together to share and learn about resources to help the community.
When: Monday, January 15, 2001.
Where: All Saints Episcopal Church and Day School at 707 Washington Street.
Contact: Mark Silberberg 201-963-0222 Ext. 222


Who: Learn and Serve Program America, Hoboken Charter School
What: Key note speaker Ruby Bridges, the first African -American child to integrate into the all white public schools in New Orleans in 1960, will be speaking at a school assembly.
When: Friday, January 19, 2001.
Where: Hoboken Charter School
Time: 10:00 AM
Contact: Mark Silberberg 201-963-0222 Ext. 222


Who: Learn and Serve America, Ocean County Vocational School.
What: Students involved in the Clear Water History Project will offer an afternoon of aquatic stories and an up-close look at live marine animals. This service is in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.
When: Wenesday, January 10, 2001.
Where: The Ocean County Public Library
Time: 1:00 PM-2:00PM
Contact: Rhonda Van Wingerden 732-473-3100 Ext. 3188


" Arts Day Commemorating Martin Luther King."

Who: AmeriCorps, School-Based Youth Services.
What: Art and music exhibition commemorating Martin Luther King.
When: Saturday, January 13, 2001
Where: East Side High School, Paterson
Contact: Jarred Shaw 973-881-3481

"Environmental Lessons"

Who: New Jersey Community Water Watch.
What: Will have 3- Day education tour of New Jersey. Schools in Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City will be taught about environmental issues.
When: January 9th, 10, 11, 2001
Where: Newark, New Brunswick, Atlantic City
All day
Contact: Abby Stocking 609-394-8155 ext. 317

"Definition of Racism"

Who: Woodrow Wilson Foundation, National School and Community Corp.
What: A time line of Martin Luther King. Guest Speaker, poems, step exhibition, and singers.
When: Friday January 19 , 2001
Where: Asbury Park, Sunset Lake Park
6:30 PM - 8:30PM
Contact: Rachel McHale 732-968-2537

"March For Martin Luther King"

Who: New Jersey Youth Corps, Atlantic Cape/ May County AmeriCorps.
What: March in several of the schools in Cape/ May County. There will be a march, along with poems, excerpt from Dr. King's Speech " I have a dream" and singers.
When: January through February
Where: Atlantic Cape/ May County
All day activity
Contact: Kristin Cattefesta 609-927-5499

"Martin Luther King Breakfast"

Who: A + For Kids.
What: Feeding the hungry breakfast.
When: Monday, January 15, 2001.
Where: Samaritan Baptist Church, Trenton, NJ.
Contact: Karen Vann 609-656-8500

"Life of Martin Luther King Jr."

Who: Juvenile Justice Commission AmeriCorps.
What: Students in East Orange will participate in essay writing and art contest. Then they will watch a documentary on Martin Luther King Jr.
When: Tuesday January 9 -11, 2001
Where: The Jersey Explorer Children's Museum.
All day.
Contact: Hakeemah Wilkerson 732-293-5026

"Biography on Martin Luther King Jr."

Who: The Jersey Explorer Children's Museum, AmeriCorps.
What: Presenting the life in pictures of Martin Luther King Jr.
When: January 9- 13, 2001.
Where: The Jersey Children's Museum, 192 Dodd St. East Orange, NJ.
Time: All day.
Contact: Nadeen Reneau 973-596-5114

"Parked Bench"

Who: Catholic Community Services AmeriCorps.
What: Poetry recital, play, and collage.
When: January 12, through February 29.
Where: Avon Avenue School in Newark, NJ.
All day activities. Call for specific dates.
Contact: Shakil Darden 973-596-5114

"Cookies for the Community"

Who: The National and Community Corps.
What: This year students will be visiting some of our city's elderly care facilities in an attempt to spread holiday cheer and reflect on the life of one of this countries most prominent leaders.
When: Monday January 15, 2001.
Where: The Woodlands, Meridian Nursing home.
All day activities.
Contact: Rachel McHale 908-731-4310