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Nonpublic School Services

For Nonpublic Schools and Districts

NJDOE Critical Dates for State Funded Nonpublic School Programs

Document or Process



Nonpublic School Consultations

Complete the Consultation form (PDF | Word) and submit it to the Executive County Superintendent by October 1.

Purpose: School districts are required to consult with the nonpublic schools located within their boundaries on each of the state and federally funded programs to which they are entitled. The consultations provide an opportunity to engage in timely and meaningful discussions about how best to meet the schools' needs.

District (Nonpublic schools should be proactive in setting up consultations)

By the end of March, recommended

Nonpublic Enrollment Count Verification

Purpose: The Office of School Funding verifies with districts the enrollment counts that were submitted by the nonpublic schools in the previous Nonpublic Enrollment Report. This allows for the identification of nonpublic schools that have closed and serves to maximize the available nonpublic funds by ensuring that funds are not generated for nonpublic schools that have closed.

NJDOE – Office of School Funding

April through June

Funding Statements for Nonpublic Schools —Textbooks, Technology and Nursing** (located under SCHOOL AID in the NJDOE Homeroom)

Purpose: These statements indicate the funds allocated to each district to provide services for textbooks, technology and nursing to the nonpublic schools within their boundaries.

Note: Information on the FY2017 Nonpublic Security Program will be forthcoming in July, once the FY2017 State Budget is finalized.



Funding Statements — Auxiliary and Handicapped Services (Chapters 192 and 193)** (located under SCHOOL AID in the NJDOE Homeroom)

Purpose: These statements indicate the funding allocations for each district to provide Chapters 192 and 193 services to the nonpublic schools within their boundaries.



Additional funding for Auxiliary and Handicapped Services (Chapters 192 and193)** (located under ADDL in the NJDOE Homeroom)

Purpose: Districts can request additional funding for Chapters192 and 193 services as new or existing students in the nonpublic schools are identified as eligible for receiving these services.

Note: The FY2017 monthly availability/proration schedule for additional funding will be posted on the NJDOE Homeroom (ADDL) under Documentation in early August.


Begins in early August 
Ends in late May

Nonpublic Project Completion Report (located under NPCR on the NJDOE Homeroom)

Purpose: This report is used by districts to account for the number of students that received services and the expenditures for those services for the reporting year.


Opens mid-August
Closes mid-October

Nonpublic Enrollment Report (located under NONPUBLIC ENROLLMENT on the NJDOE Homeroom).

Purpose: This report must be completed annually for a nonpublic school to receive state services for textbooks, technology , nursing and security aid (if included in the FY2017 budget) as well as funding for federal programs.

Nonpublic School

Opens end of November
Closes early January

* Exact dates will be announced via weekly broadcasts and email list.
**For information on allocations, please contact Greg Kocher at

N.J. Department of Education
Office of Nonpublic School Services
P.O. Box 500, Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
Email (preferred method of contact):
Phone: (609) 633-0251, Fax: (609) 292-4319