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Professional Development in New Jersey
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The State Committee on Professional Learning

Revised regulations for professional development were adopted by the State Board of Education on June 5, 2013. These regulations reflect the recommendations of the Governor's 2012 Education Transformation Task Force Report, which called for more streamlined structures for professional development planning at the local level, and align with the TEACHNJ legislation.

According to the regulations, a new State Committee on Professional Learning (SCPL) replaces the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) and the Professional Development Advisory Committee for School Leaders (PDAC). The Department of Education ("the Department") believes that the creation of one committee will promote more coherent and aligned policies and guidelines for professional learning for all educators. Teacher and school leader professional learning is complementary, as these educators work together in a united way towards the common goal of improved learning for  all students. Employing one comprehensive yet diverse group of stakeholders to advise on professional development policies and guidelines fosters meaningful and ongoing stakeholder dialogue.

Mission and Work

The SCPL advises the Commissioner and the Department on professional development policy and the implementation of the revised regulations for teachers and school leaders. Specifically, this group:

  • Discusses  ongoing  implementation  of revised  regulations  for  professional  development  and mentoring;
  • Provides input on guidance to the field on professional development requirements and plans;
  • Provides recommendations on issues including a review process for district professional development plans for districts in need of improvement, new professional standards, and a periodic audit process for district mentoring plans;
  • Establishes criteria to assist districts in selecting professional development providers; and
  • Identifies and disseminates best practices in district and school professional development.

Committee Composition and Member Terms

The 16-member committee represents the following array of educators  and  community members, assuring that all concerned stakeholders have a voice:

  • Six teachers, including at least one from a charter school and one from each school level
  • Three principals and three district administrators, with at least two from charter schools;
  • One district board of education member;
  • Two  representatives  from  educator  preparation programs,  including  one  form  an  alternate route provider; and
  • One parent or community member. Member lists are posted on the SCPL web page.

For More Information

To learn more about new professional development requirements, please view the following resources:

To share questions or comments, please email or call 609-292-9556.

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