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Regional Achievement Centers

When schools succeed,
students ACHIEVE.

Turnaround Principles

RAC teams work collaboratively with Priority and Focus Schools and their districts to put the following research-based turnaround principles into action:

  • School Leadership: Ensuring that the principal has the ability to lead the turnaround effort;
  • School Climate and Culture: Establishing school environments with a climate conducive to learning and a culture of high expectations;
  • Effective Instruction: Ensuring teachers utilize research-based effective instruction to meet the needs of all students;
  • Curriculum, Assessment, and Intervention System: Ensuring teachers have the foundational documents and instructional materials needed to teach to the rigorous college and career ready standards that have been adopted;
  • Effective Staffing Practices: Developing the skills to better recruit, retain and develop effective teachers;
  • Enabling the Effective Use of Data: Ensuring school-wide use of data focused on improving teaching and learning, as well as climate and culture;
  • Effective Use of Time: Redesigning time to better meet student needs and increase teacher collaboration focused on improving teaching and learning; and
  • Effective Family and Community Engagement: Increasing academically focused family and community engagement.