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New Jersey Educator Resource Exchange

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The implementation of the Common Core State Standards has truly transformed the way our teachers think about their daily instruction. The specificity of the standards, and knowledge of the rigor and complexity that students should achieve at each grade level, has helped our teachers engage students in daily experiences that will maximize student growth."
Donna Reichman, Assistant Principal Wayne Township Public School

The New Jersey Collaborative Online Resource Exchange ( is a website created by and for New Jersey educators to share instructional resources for use in the classroom. The Collaborative Online Resource Exchange provides educators access to thousands of resources aligned to the state standards in many subject areas. Available resources include lesson plans, videos, and assessment items tagged to each standard in every grade level. Additionally, the site allows New Jersey educators to contribute resources to share best practices by uploading videos, lesson plans, and other instructional material connected to the standards. Only educators can contribute, rate, and share resources. This will allow the number of materials to grow exponentially throughout the year.

Professional learning opportunities are also available on The New Jersey Collaborative Online Resource Exchange. There is a wide variety of professional learning opportunities; check out our Professional Learning toolkit. Parents can also find valuable information pertaining to what their child will be learning in school, and resources to work with their child at home.

The Collaborative Online Resource Exchange was built with the intention to serve all partners in education.