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The Parent Academy for Student Success (PASS): Toolkits for Critical Academic Communications between Home and School

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has designed an innovative model for strategic support to enhance student achievement through home/school academic partnerships.  The purpose of The Parent Academy for Student Success (PASS) Model is to engage in highly focused academic partnerships that will drive student learning and success.
The NJDOE PASS Model is singularly focused on student learning.  Together educators and families will exchange key information and use instructional strategies that can be applied out-of-school to support in-school performance.

PASS is not a program where educators "teach" parents and families; rather, it is a change in operations regarding critical academic information shared between educators and parents.

The model complements a school's traditional methods of parent and family involvement.  However, in order to directly align partnership development with student success, the implementation plan is clearly separate from conventional activities.

The PASS model is grounded in a new definition of home/school partnerships.

Effective PASS implementation requires a new dialogue and a commitment from every stakeholder group in the education community.  Therefore, the suggested partners include superintendents, boards of education, principals, teachers, parents and families, and students.

Recommended PASS themes are rigorous and progressively build on academic issues.  This ascending support structure is the basis for personalized success strategies and deeper student learning.

The suggested Parent Academies for Student Learning (PASS) are aligned with learning milestones and implementation of new education initiatives. 

Recommended Themes

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