SAVE – School Action for Violence Elimination – Plan

The School Security Task Force was created on October 4th, 2006 to examine the issue of school security and to develop initiatives that ultimately prevent violence and shootings in our schools. Combating violence in our school is not just an educational issue – it is a community issue. Community issues need community solutions.

  1. Action on Gun Safety: The Corzine Administration called on the Bush Administration and other Governors to join in committing to gun safety, including asking the federal government and other states to model NJ’s tough gun laws, and cracking down on illegal guns.
  1. Development of Updated State Standards and Guidelines for School Security: The School Security Task Force will build on the work accomplished in the Codey Administration to develop State Guidelines for school lockdown, active shooter, emergency evacuation, bomb threats, risk and violence assessments, and public information procedures.
  1. Regular School Security Drills and Exercises:  The Corzine Administration called for legislative initiatives that require every school in the state to exercise and drill the state standards and guidelines outlined in the previous initiative.
  1. Training for School Resource and D.A.R.E Officers: The Corzine Administration directed the Police Training Commission to modify the curriculum that was under development for school resource officers to include training on the aforementioned state guidelines and standards.
  1. Development of a School Security Web Site: The Corzine Administration directed the Department of Education to create a school security web site dedicated to providing school security information to students, school officials and parents.
  1. Development of School Security Programs for School Bus Drivers: The Corzine Administration announced the piloting of a School Security Situational Awareness Program for school bus drivers. This pilot program is being developed as a partnership between the NJEA and the Office of Homeland Security.
  1. Law Enforcement Coordination: The Corzine Administration announced their commitment to working with law enforcement to ensure close and routine coordination with school officials, to review school security plans, to exercise school lockdown and active shooter protocols and participate in other crime prevention types of programs.
  1. Governor’s “Safe School” Designation – The Corzine Administration directed the School Security Task Force to develop a recognition program for those schools who have implemented school security guidelines.