New Jersey Adult Education

Responses to Vendors on the RFQ

A response to questions posed on 9-20-2013 by Pearson about Adult Education RFQ.

Q1:  Will the Department allow the Test Vendor to provide other Test items other than the actual test?

A1. A suitable practice test or other documents could be used to understand the item quality. We have already had presentations and have observed the test being administered at our Brookdale CBT center. This, though, was the current version of the test and we are trying to ensure the validity of the new test. If the actual test cannot be submitted with the RFQ, then the practice test must be submitted. It is very important to provide information on how these test items were developed and what studies were conducted to ensure alignment and measurement to the Common Core State Standards.

Q2:  Which document format cited in the RFQ can be used?

A2: Vendors you can submit either a Microsoft Word document or a stand alone document as described in 3.3 page 9.

Q3: What does the Department mean in section 2.2 by CCS cut scores?

A3: It is important for us to have the expectation that the assessment will be aligned to the PARCC assessment cut scores when the PARCC assessment becomes operational. The Department wishes to know what studies the vendors plan to submit and how the vendors are using the PARCC information to align with the assessment and cut scores.   The Department also wishes to know who was involved in the process of establishing the cut scores and how were these scores determined.

Q4: What does the Department mean by "Test formatting" in section 2.2?

A4: The Department needs to know the type of test items being used in the assessment (multiple choice, fill in, short answer, essay, etc.)

Q5: What is the approval period for test vendors as referenced in section 2.3 ?

A5: Vendors that have an approved assessment shall remain on the approved list.
Vendors whose assessments are not approved may reapply during the next annual cycle to be determined.

New Vendors who have not submitted a RFQ, may apply during the 2015 application period.

Q6:  What is the number of approved criterion?

A6:  There are 13 approval criterion listed in section 2..

Q7: What score is needed for approval of the RFQ?

A7: The RFQ must attain a total score of at least 24. Vendors will be given an opportunity to revise criteria that receive a score of 0 or 1.

Q8:  Is a signature necessary as stated in section 3.3 Form C?

A8: No signature will be required on Form C.

Q9:  Will the submission date be extended for the RFQ?

A9:  The submission date for RFQ's has been extended until Friday October 11, 2013 at 4 PM.