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Assessment Guide for Educators
A guide to the 2014 assessment content from GED Testing Service

GED Testing Service Statistical Reports


  • If you were a New Jersey resident and in the military when you took the GED® test, your GED® test scores may or may not have been sent to New Jersey. 
  • If you do not have your Access Code, please write, fax or email your contact information (Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Email Address, Phone Number) in a signed letter requesting the Access Code.  Or you may complete a GED Access Code Request Form by clicking on the link
  • If New Jersey does not have your GED® test scores you will need to contact The American Council on Education by clicking on the link below:
    The American Council on Education.
  • Do you have a High School Diploma?  If not, you may qualify for Operation Recognition, please contact the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs at  For more information call 609-530-6949.
  • For questions, please contact the New Jersey Department of Education at 609-777-1050 or email at