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Statewide Google SketchUp Pro License


Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling software application that is used extensively by schools worldwide. Although there is a free version of SketchUp, there is also a Pro version which is typically a product for which schools must pay. Google's new SketchUp Pro Statewide K-12 Licensing Grant is now being offered to all states within the USA who want to provide an opportunity for their schools to use this valuable tool, at no cost to anyone.  New Jersey has applied for and been granted a Statewide K-12 SketchUp Pro license.

SketchUp Pro is used in many K-12 subject areas, from math and science, to computer technology and English, to pre-architecture and engineering classes. Elementary, middle, and high schools all use it to various extents. It's also used widely in conjunction with Google Earth, where anyone can model a building, upload it to the Google 3D Warehouse, and geo-locate it in Google Earth.

Please read the following FAQ for more information before submitting a request for a SketchUp Pro license at http://tinyurl.com/njsketchuppro.

PLEASE NOTE that the SketchUp Pro license request is a school-level request, not a district level request.  Each school must apply separately for a license. Each school request for a license should be completed and submitted by the person in the district who is authorized to request and install software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google SketchUp Pro Statewide License Grant?
The grant makes it possible to offer SketchUp Pro educational licenses for New Jersey schools at no cost.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, this type of licensing is a grant of networked lab seats, single-user educator licenses and laptop computers. There is no cost.

What is Google SketchUp Pro?
Software that creates 3D models of anything. Teachers use this versatile 21st century learning tool across grade levels and subject areas to bring the power of 3D visualization into learning activities.

Google recommends that teachers download Google Earth as well — SketchUp Pro works effectively with the geographic information software. Learners model real-world buildings and sites, then geo-locate them for context. Visit Google Earth, http://earth.google.com/.

What types of licenses can schools receive?

  • A networked lab license for Mac or Windows platform for up to 300 simultaneous users.
  • Set of single-user licenses for up to 30 educators in the building whose computers are not connected to a network.
  • A laptop license for Mac or Windows platform for up to 299 simultaneous users. This  type of license is for laptops that need functionality both on and off the school network. They are configured as single-user licenses but can be installed or imaged on multiple machines.

How does a nonpublic school apply for a license?
Nonpublic schools should use the following information when completing the request form:

  • For District Code, enter 0000.
  • For District Name, enter Nonpublic.
  • For School Code, enter 000.
  • For School Name, enter the name of the nonpublic school.

Then complete the rest of the form and submit.

How does Google SketchUp Pro lab licensing work?
This is a floating lab license meant to be used on a computer in a school lab. The license code will accommodate up to 300 networked PCs that are using the software simultaneously. However, the software can be installed on as many PC’s as needed.

  • If you are using the license code on a Windows-based network, one of your computers must act as a license server —networked machines in the lab must be able see the license-holding PC.
  • If you are using the license code on a Mac network, no server is necessary.

Is the Google SketchUp license perpetual or termed?
All license codes are good for three years. You may reapply once it expires.

Are upgrades free?
All version upgrades are free as long as your license code has not expired. Contact Google directly, sketchupforeducation@google.com and request an upgrade.

Are students able to use SketchUp Pro at home?
No. We recommend that students download Google SketchUp, http://sketchup.google.com, designed for home use. It’s free, too.

Are teachers eligible for free technical support?
No. Only the license administrators with active Google SketchUp Pro lab licenses are eligible for free email technical support.

However, Google has an excellent Help Center for students and teachers, http://www.google.com/support/sketchup.

Where can teachers get training on SketchUp Pro?

What are the System Requirements for SketchUp Pro?
PC’s require Windows XP or Vista or 7, and Macintosh computers require OS X 10.4 or later on an Intel processor.

Are there online educational resources for SketchUp Pro?
Yes. Visit the Google for Educators site, http://www.google.com/educators. Join the teachers’ discussion group. They cover all the education-related dimensions of Google applications. In addition, there is now a SketchUp-specific site at https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupprok12statewidegrant/home

How does a school request licenses for SketchUp Pro?
Please submit requests at http://tinyurl.com/njsketchuppro