Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence

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Year One Abstract

November 1, 2004 - September 30, 2005

District Information

Elizabeth School District

County: Union

Award Amount: $124,340.00

Schools: Battin Middle School, McAuliffe Middle School
Non-public Schools: Bender Memorial Academy, Benedictine Academy, Blessed Sacrament, Jewish Educational Center, Elizabethport Catholic, St. Anthony, St. Genevieve, St. Mary's Elementary, Trinity Christian

Project Director: Mrs. Julia Stapleton
27 Prince Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208
(908) 436-5301

Superintendent: Mr. Thomas G. Dunn, Jr., Superintendent
(908) 436-5010

Project Description

Through the MATRIX program, students and teachers in Elizabeth's Battin and McAuliffe Middle Schools are having mathematical ideas represented in many different technology-delivery formats, hence assisting both teachers and students to understand mathematical relationships in different ways. Stevens Institute of Technology Center to Improve Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) is key in mentoring teachers and supporting ongoing student activities, The heart of Elizabeth's MATRIX program is to provide sustained and continuous professional development based on identified needs and ongoing assessment for the the two public schools and the nine nonpublic schools in the grant program.

Technology Used


  • Web-based Resources for Mathematics
  • Drawing Circle Graphs with Sketchpad
  • Exploring Special Pairs of Angles
  • Using GSP to make the circle graph
  • Exploring Translations
  • Exploring Rotations
  • Semi-regular Tessellations
  • Transformations on the Coordinate Grid
  • My Dear Aunt Sally: What is Order of Operations All About Anyway?
  • How the West was 1+3*4 - the Return Trip


Both Battin and McAuliffe already have a mobile labtop cart in each school and at least five computers in every classroom.