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Educational Technology

Safe and Ethical Use of Computers

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Online Safety Resources for Teachers

Tech Learning’s Keeping Students safe online web site:        

National Cyber Security Association (NCSA) has provided a Cyber Security Month Toolkit for educators available at

Stay Safe Online provides free and non-technical cyber security and safety resources to the public, so consumers, small businesses and educators have the know how to avoid cyber crime.       

USA Today Education's website, contains lesson plans for teachers to use during the month of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness month or for anytime during the school year. 

Educational resource material for children and teens           

Real-life stories and videos: provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.

A variety of resources such as: safety tips, risks, getting the most out of the Internet:

Online safety rules for kids:     

Dedicated to Internet Online safety, check out some unique offerings such as; iMentor – an iSafe chatroom, i-DRiVE TV, get the 411 and learn how students can teach cyber safety in your school, home and community, enter contests, all at

Contact for Internet Crimes Against Kids (ICAC) in New Jersey:



Regional ICAC Task Force Agency Contact
New Jersey
New Jersey State Police
Jurisdiction: New Jersey
Contact: Det. Sgt. Gordon Samartino
Phone: (609) 584-5051 x 5632