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edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has developed an online platform in partnership with Pearson Schoolnet called edConnectNJ. edConnectNJ is NJ's Instructional Improvement System (IIS) that provides educators with a suite of tools designed to improve their practice and their students' achievement through organization and efficiencies. By using edConnectNJ, classroom teachers will receive access to meaningful student data through easy-to-use reports and to standards aligned resources such as lesson plans, assessments and assessment items, and professional development.  In addition, edConnectNJ also provides teachers with a wealth of tools to assist them in planning and organizing their daily instruction, assessing student growth, and grouping students to facilitate differentiation of teaching and learning.

Administrators and central district staff who use edConnectNJ will be able to review posted lesson plans, use data to create professional learning communities, share resources with a group of, or with individual, teachers, and analyze classroom, grade, subject and school- or district-level reports. The reports will inform strategies to improve building or district wide policies that will support educators in their classroom.

In the Spring of 2014 three (3) New Jersey districts took part in a pilot of the edConnectNJ system and found great value in the tool.  As one pilot district administrator told us "edConnectNJ truly has so much great potential for all teachers' and students' benefit." The new system is also being implemented this fall in 34 districts serving over 200,000 students as part of our RTTT3 grant and our ESEA waiver.

As these 34 districts prepare to use edConnectNJ in the approaching school year, the NJDOE is opening up the edConnectNJ system for every district in the state called Phase 2 at a greatly reduced rate.  By leveraging our RTTT3 funding to develop and host edConnectNJ, we are able to offer the system to your district for a price of $3.83 per student per year for two years – a deeply discounted price from the system's typical cost for the average district.   In addition to the highly subsidized price, districts that decide to become part of Phase 2 and use edConnectNJ will also benefit from the support of the NJDOE, Pearson and a growing community of your colleagues in districts across the state not who will be using edConnectNJ and sharing instructional materials and assessments across through the system.

Please review our "Resources for Phase 2 Districts" to get started in getting edConnect in your district!
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