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Ed. Tech.

edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System


Who is eligible for edConnect NJ?

In 2015-2016 school-year, all districts with a RAC school (focus or priority) will be fully funded by the New Jersey Department of Education through the state Race to the Top 3 grant.

This system is completely FREE to each RAC district beginning in the fall of 2015-16 school year. When the grant period ends, districts wishing to continue will pay the subscription fee per student, at that time, the cost of the system will be approximately $3.83 per student per year. The NJDOE, through the Race to the Top 3 grant, has heavily subsidized this project by supporting the initial development and maintenance fee. Therefore, if a district tried to procure an integrated system similar to this, the district on average would be paying approximately three times as much per student per year.

What if my district is not one of the districts that will be fully funded?

Districts that are not part of the identified grant group will be able to purchase this system on a subscription basis for their district or specific schools at the heavily subsidized price shared above.

If there are further questions about paying for the IIS as a district please email .