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edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

Resources for Phase 1 Districts (No-Cost)

Statement of Services and Commitment - This document outlines the expectations and services of that the NJDOE will provide to the districts as well as the commitment the district must have to ensure successful implementation of edConnectNJ. Appendix A must be signed and sent to edConnectNJ@doe.state.nj.us by May 15th, 2014  in order to be part of phase 1 implementation this fall ('14).

Demo edConnect with Self Guided Tour - Find credentials to log-in to a demo edConnect and a self guided tour. The edConnect has three modules: School & District Data, Classrooms, and Assessment Admin.  

System Comparison Planning Tool - Compare the systems in place currently in your district with the features of the IIS. The spreadsheet lays out all of the functions that the edConnect presents by role. Each "x" indicates that that specific role has the ability to use that feature. The first column on the spreadsheet allows you to add systems that you currently have in place that provides that function and the empty columns to the right allow you to check off which roles can access the functionality of those systems. Once you complete this exercise it will provide you with a good picture of how impactful the all in one IIS can be.

Pre-Registration Form - This pre-registration document allows the NJDOE and partners to prepare and plan for the upcoming data transfer, training, and implementation steps in the coming months before launch in district on September 1st. Please fill out the form below and send back to edConnectNJ@doe.state.nj.us by Monday March 31st, 2014.