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Educational Technology


The New Jersey Department of Education's process for posting solutions to this web page is based on criteria set forth in the Request for Information (RFI) document located on the NJDOE, Educational Technology Web page. The selected solutions appear to assist school districts in assessing students for technological proficiency while assisting them in integrating technology across all curriculum areas. One criterion in product review is to ensure that the solution is aligned with the 8.1 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard.

Due to the newly approved 8.1 Educational Technology standard, all solutions previously listed have been removed pending resubmission and review. Vendors are encouraged to submit their solution(s) for review. Vendors may submit additional solutions at any time. Products will be posted that meet the RFI criteria.

Please note: The NJDOE does not sanction or endorse commercial products. School districts may use any assessment tool that they determine is aligned to the 8.1 content standard. Exclusion from the posted RFI results list does not preclude a district from using that product.