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Ed. Tech.

Whole School Reform Implementation Plan Educational Technology Component Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an instructional computer?

v It is a computer used as part of content area instruction. The computer must be multimedia-capable and is a Pentium or above, or Power Mac or equivalent (higher than Mac 40 series.)

2. Who completes the school-based technology plan?

v Usually the school-based technology coordinator completes the technology plan for their school. The technology plan must be completed in conjunction with other school-based personnel, the district technology personnel and the SMT. Ultimately, the SMT must assure that the plan is aligned to the district’s technology plan.

3. When is the technology plan due to be submitted to the NJ Dept. of Education?

v The technology plans are due into the Office of Educational Technology by December 1, 2001. The recommended submissions dates are as follows:

North – October 31
Central – November 7
South – November 14

4. Where do we send the technology plan?

v The technology plan with original signatures must be sent to:

NJ Department of Education
Office of Educational Technology
P.O. Box 500
Trenton, NJ 08625

v A copy of the technology plan must be included in the whole school reform implementation plan that is submitted along with all other program areas to the school principal.

5. What must be included in the technology plan?

v The Abbott School-Based Technology Plan (ASBTP) Checklist provides the required components. Refer to the instructions for additional direction. ( Be sure to answer each section clearly and thoroughly. Have someone unrelated to the development of technology plan review and proofread the document prior to submission to insure clarity.

6. What happens after the technology plan is submitted?

v The technology plan is reviewed. If any information is needed to complete the review, the NJ DOE program person responsible for your school (previously with the PIRC offices) will contact the person indicated on the ASBTP checklist. Once the technology plan review is completed, notification will be included with all other notification pertaining to the WSR Implementation Plan for your school.

7. Do preschools need a technology coordinator?

v A full-time technology coordinator is not required by regulations.

8. Are 3 and 4 year olds’ preschool programs included in the Educational Technology plan?

v No. The preschool plan is another submission. The educational technology plan addresses instructional programs for grades K through 12.

9. How do we indicate expenses related to maintaining current computer systems that was formerly paid for and coordinated by the district, but now must be paid by the schools and still coordinated by the district?

v To indicate maintenance, note on the activity plan CHARGE BACK and describe the activity as it relates to using technology in the classroom. For example the activity would list as: CHARGE BACK – Payment for leased instructional computers used throughout the building.

10. How much detail do we provide for supply purchases that are used to support computer equipment such as printer cartridges, disks and paper?

v Schools are allowed to combine supplies whose grant total does not exceed $2,000 into ONE item description in the budget portion of the activity form. It should read: Computer Supplies ------$2,000. This line item’s grand total may NOT EXCEED $2,000. All other computer supplies must be itemized. An additional sheet may be attached that itemizes the additional supply requested purchases.

11. Do we have to complete element #5 in the WSR Implementation Plan in addition to the ASBTP?

vNo. Only the ASBTP needs to be completed. It replaces element #5 in the WSR Implementation Plan.