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Summit Speech School Visit

I recently received an invitation from my friend, Loredana Cromarty, to visit Summit Speech School in New Providence. She and her son Will, who is now alumnus of the school, were kind enough to give me a tour and provided me the opportunity to see what outstanding work the faculty is doing. Each year, more than 180 students with hearing and speech disabilities attend the school where 50 staff members are on hand to work with the students.  They teach them the skills they need to grow and become fully integrated, independent, and naturally communicating members of society.  It was wonderful to see how happy the children were in their surroundings and how informed, not only the teachers but the board members as well, were of the children's disabilities.

The progress that the faculty is able to make with the students is remarkable. I was delighted to meet many of the students as well as Mayor of New Providence John Thoms, who also sits on the Board of Trustees for the School, and Kevin Cummings, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

To find out more about Summit Speech School and you can also make donations by visiting