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Tri-County Scholarship Fundraiser

The Governor and I attended the Tri-County Scholarship Fundraiser tonight in Parsippany. The Tri-County Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance, based solely on financial need, for children to attend private and parochial schools in New Jersey. Here’s a great fact – in the past 2 years, Tri-County has awarded over $1.8 billion to 1,100 students. The Governor and I wanted to be at the fundraiser tonight in support of not only Tri-County, but also our friend who was receiving the “Making a Difference” Award, Reade Seligmann. Reade is very near and dear to our hearts… having faced enormous trials and turmoil in his life as a young man, he never lost sight of who he was and stayed true in his search for justice. He is now working with The Innocence Project, to make sure that what happened to him won’t happen to others. Reade took the hand he was dealt, grew from it, and is now in turn helping others. He is a wonderful example for young people everywhere and a fine New Jerseyan. Congratulations Reade!