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GlassRoots, Inc. Facility Tour and Ornament Presentation
photoAlt I visited GlassRoots, Inc. in Newark today for a tour of the facility and to see the New Jersey ornament I asked the group to create for the national tree in Washington, DC.  It came out exactly how I pictured it... all through the help and hard work of the children involved with the GlassRoots team.  It was incredible to see young people with the creativity and skill to be blowing glass and creating these beautiful works of art.  The program entices at-risk youth in Newark to join by using the allure of being able to use fire.  It's "cool" for them to be able to be so close and involved with using fire in the "hot shop", a controlled atmosphere of course.  Not only are the kids able to use their creativity and talent to make glass creations, but they are also at GlassRoots to learn the entrepreneurial side of the business.  In today's world, lessons like this are irreplaceable.  They help underserved children achieve self-esteem.  Over the past 8 years, 3,400 youth have been trained at the GlassRoots studio.  A big thank you to all of the staff and youth that helped create our New Jersey ornament.  It will be hanging proudly in DC!  If you're interested in learning more about GlassRoots, please visit their website at