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Honors NJ Heroes - Clark & Jean Paradise
photoAlt Today I had the pleasure of going to meet Clark and Jean Paradise, my first NJ Heroes of 2011.  After going through numerous submissions, I chose the Paradises because they truly embodied what it means to be a hero.  They saw a need within their community, took action, and spread their good deeds throughout our state.  Both in their 80s, they started out by helping people living in a tent-city community nearby by bringing them blankets, clothing, and portable heaters.  They learned that these people were lacking personal care items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toilet paper.  They then discovered that there were many families in their area living in motel rooms and barely getting by.   So through various donations of time, money, and supplies from their fellow NJ residents, Clark and Jean started the Cupboard to bring food, clothing, and personal supplies to people throughout the entire state.  Today they visit over 25 soup kitchens, shelters, and motels every month bringing their trailers full of donated items to people in need.  I thank them for their good work and congratulate them on becoming our first NJ Heroes of 2011!

For more information on Your Grandmother's Cupboard, please go to their website: